Insomnia Solution

If you are anything like me, which you undoubtedly are, you spend your sleepless nights wondering what the hell happened to that kids who were in The NeverEnding Story. I have many fond memories of this movie from my elementary school days when I think we watched it almost yearly.  One of those years was in Miss Tosto’s class.  I think she was really tall and might have been a giantess, but when you are a kid you don’t really have the reasoning skills to make a logical argument with your teacher about why you think her freakish height makes you wonder if she has a chicken that lays golden eggs at home.  I would also have risked losing my grand status as teacher’s pet.  As an adult, I question the intelligence of teachers who show a movie about a kid who ditches class to hang out in an musty school attic to read a book that is not on the prescribed reading list.

There were three main kid characters in the movie – Bastian, who gets bullied; Atreyu, who is the child warrior, and Moonchild, who is the childlike empress.  I was the first one, wanted to be the second one, and wondered why the third one always looked like she was Judy Garland on lots of downers, which is basically to say she looks like Judy Garland.

So what happened to the three actors who played these important roles??  Some basic wikipedia-izing and imdb-ificating have solved that for me.

Barret Oliver, who played Bastian, is a photography professor who published a book calledA History of the Woodburtype which is about the first process used to photographically illustrate books.  Another child star robbed of their youth.  How sad!

Noah Hathaway, who played Atreyu , is now an aspiring motorcycle-customization shop owner who got his wedding ring tattooed around his finger. That is just skeezy.

Tamara (or Tami as I choose to call her) Stronach, who was the weepy witch of the west, is a dancer and choreographer with her own dance group thingy in Brooklyn.

So there you have it folks.  The nerd became a certified nerd, the warrior became a death machine enthusiast, and the glowy faced girl became a dancer who couldn’t make it in Manhattan so she settled for Brooklyn.  I know you will all rest much more soundly tonight.


7 thoughts on “Insomnia Solution”

  1. I remember having such a crush on Atreyu when I was little! That was way back before I knew I was gay … or even knew what a crush was.

  2. Wow. Cool information. Point to note: If I ever get remarried, don’t get wedding ring tattooed on finger as Mikey says’s it’s skeevy. Got it.

  3. I LOVE THIS MOVIE. I cried when the horse died! I was terrified of the angel gatez that shot you wiff their eyes when you ran by them…so scared was I, that I would run by statues afraid they would kill my azz if I wasn’t fast enough!

  4. I was a teen when it came out, so I don’t have fond, nostalgic memories of the movie. But I do remember hearing the the Limahl song all the time on the radio. All. The. Time.

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