Happy Pride

This past week has been the long lead up to today’s Pride March here in New York.  All the boys are glittered up and buzzing about getting their drink on.  And the marchers are getting ready to walk down Fifth Avenue to entertain onlookers.  The Pride March originally started as a political demonstration and remained that way for many years.  Now it is a processional of non profits trying to remind the community that they exist and corporations with floats decked out in mostly naked boys trying to get us to show them the green.  It is a hot sweaty gay old time and I can’t wait to get it over and done.

In my attempt to find something prideful to include in this post, I did find the clip below from the gay Washington DC media.  It covers the wedding festivities of two men who have been together for 62 years.  In gay terms, this means their relationship is older than Jesus.   I hope you enjoy these two sweet octo-studs as they talk about their lives together.  They made my cold cynical heart warm up just a bit.  Then I went back to shaking my fist at the stray cat in the backyard like the curmudgeon I am.



4 thoughts on “Happy Pride”

  1. I know a few same sex couples that have been together longer than most of the opposite sex couples I know. As far as I’m concerned, love is love, who cares about the plumbing.

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