The Forbidden Five

Back when Adam asked me if I wanted to co-blog with him, I was young and shy.  I didn’t ask very many questions.  I just said “Sure!  I think that would be pretty great!”  I later learned the rules of blogging with Adam.  One of those rules is that the Friday Five was Adam’s territory and that I must never ever attempt to write a Friday Five.  So you must never tell anyone that you saw this post, especially Adam!  It is 100% super secret and must remain truly only between you, me and everyone else on the internet!

So what are some of Mikey’s Forbidden Favorites of the week??? Aren’t you just dying to read them here in the big lights not down in the comments?!? Well here they come…

Nothing says Friday Five like a man inspired by MacGyver that ends up pulling a MacGruber.  That’s why a Connecticutian made my list. He got his arm caught in his own furnace and attempted to cut it off to get free after trying to think like MacGyver!  After hacking away at his own flesh, Jonathan Metz failed to dislodge his arm from both the furnace AND his body.  He might have been more successful if Betty White rolled up and asked him if he still had the scars from his breast reduction.

Numero Dos on my verboten list is the US Men’s Soccer Team.  The boys made it to the round of 16 earlier this week when team captain  (and hunk) Landon Donovan chipped the ball into the net at the very very very very end of the game.  I was streaming the game on my computer at work behind some work document and when the ball hit the net I jumped and screeched like a teenage girl at a Justin Beiber Concert. It was truly epic.

Troisième in line this Friday is Doctor Who.  Adam has been telling me to watch Doctor Who for as long as I have known him.  Naturally I ignored his advice.  After some time had passed I made two coworkery friends who were into Doctor Who and when one of them had to go back to England via South Africa I was convinced that the fate of our office depended upon maintaining (or increasing) the number of fans in the office.  After two episodes, I was hooked.  Any show that can reference Britney Spears “Toxic” as a classic earth song deserves my attention and admiration.

Numero Quattro on the list of the lost is Air Conditioning.  It is hot, humid and gross outside, but I sleep like a big baby with my air conditioning.  We will not discuss the electric bill.  It does not exist.

第五の and final item on today’s list  are actual babies.  Ones that smoke and do drugs to be more precise.  It is about damn time that toddlers and infants learned what the rest of us already know: life needs mind-altering chemicals to be bearable.  That’s why this baby isn’t even out of diapers yet, but he knows how to hold his bong. And surely you have already seen the cutie from Indonesia.

Failed McGyver, US Men’s Soccer, Doctor Who, Air Conditioning, and the substance abuse babies are on my yay list!  What’s on  yours?  Share in the comments!

P.S. Contrary to the preamble of this post, Adam fully endorsed this post.  He does not vouch for its contents, but he did say I could do it.   I swear!


4 thoughts on “The Forbidden Five”

  1. 1) Kathy Griffin and kiddie pageants colliding.
    2) The kids at work. Especially my favorites.
    3) Cask and Creme Chocolate and Caramel liqueurs on ice.
    4) My awesome CD exchange CD from an awesome person I’m not allowed to reveal yet.
    5) Spell check when I’m tipsy (see #3).

    Mikey that first paragraph and the “naturally I ignored his advice” makes me love you.

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