Animal Cruelty

It appears that after exploiting large families TLC only had one more idea: demeaning dogs.  I recently saw the ad for that networks Extreme Poodles which appears to be a project runway show for women who didn’t have JonBenet Ramsey but do have dogs.  The concept sounds really fun at first, but when you watch this video you will be thoroughly horrified.

Do you see what I mean? What compels you to turn a dog into a Yak or a Buffalo? What was that thing? And what about the poor animal with that hideous star on it’s side? Did you see that one dog’s eyes while getting groomed? I hope I wasn’t the only one who saw pure fear inside of them. Seriously, I felt like the dog was afraid it would get beaten if it moved.

Thank you TLC for teaching us how to use reality television to exploit humans and animals. For that you deserve to get painted orange and blue.


3 thoughts on “Animal Cruelty”

  1. I briefly saw the commercial and thought “UGH”. Are hoarders living in squallor amongst the bugs and rot not enough for TLC? Are human breeding machines and midgets not enough? Sigh. I’ll not be watching. Too weird, even for me.

  2. Was that dog supposed to be a salad at 1:15? And please tell me that was an ear she was bedazzling at 1:22.
    Ah, TLC. First Toddlers and Tiaras. Now this.

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