My Ugly Paper Walls

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned, I moved into a new apartment a couple weeks ago.  In rural Ringoes, NJ, many of the apartments are located within converted old homes and farmhouses.  The house that contains my apartment was built around 1880, and once served as a hospital.  About 20 years ago it was slightly modernized and converted into three apartments.  The “modernization” included the installation of peachy/orange/pinkish carpeting and lots of wallpaper.  Ew!  But hey, the rent is cheap.

I’ve solved the problem of awful carpeting by strategically placing area rugs around the apartment.  The kitchen wallpaper is a little more tricky.  My landlord told me that I’m welcome to remove the wallpaper and paint.  But when I move out of this place, I’ll have to re-wallpaper the kitchen.  It’s a lazy landlord thing.  If the room is wallpapered, then you don’t have to repaint it before the next tenant moves in.  I guess the smartest, cheapest and easiest thing to do would be to just keep the current wallpaper.  But look at this stuff!

Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, orange plums, leaves and flowers… all growing on the same magical vine.  And there’s a border print.  Is this not the ugliest wallpaper you’ve ever seen?!  Every time I look at it, I just want to dig my fingernails into it and tear it to shreds.  This ugly crap needs to go.

(also pictured: fuse box, thermostat and electrical outlet)

So what should I do?  Leave it alone?  Tear it down and paint (and re-wallpaper later)?  Tear it down and wallpaper now?  Or just burn this old house to the ground and move on?  Help me!


8 thoughts on “My Ugly Paper Walls”

  1. it is mildly hideous…but you could sell it to guests as ironic! What you should do is take it down and replace it with some nice new modern wallpaper. if you can find it. make rainbow poo wallpaper!

  2. Depending how old that wallpaper is it might be a bitch to get it off. As hideous as it is, my lazy side would likely live with it unless you plan on staying there for 10 years. If you really can’t tolerate it, I’d repaper with something more basic, you can even get plain beige paper and then you wouldn’t have to worry about it when you move.

  3. I would probably re-wallpaper. Or you could buy some doilies and Precious Moments figurines and call it a day.

  4. While I think PrecMo is totally Adam’s style (secretly…) I must say AGAIN sir that I agree that re-wallpapering with something you can stand is the easiest solution, Unless you plan to live in this apartment until you die. In that case, paint.

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