Rock Out with Your Glee Out

It has been a quite a year. Of course, the year I’m speaking of is the first year of Glee. There was a lot of music, a lot of dancing, a fake pregnancy, a real pregnancy, baby-daddy drama, coming out of the closet drama, going back into the closet drama, some creepy gay hitting on straight guy weirdness, a creepy flamboyantly gay fired teacher who keeps showing up, some pee stained sheets, hairography, a “boy” band with grown up dudes in it, Neil Patrick Harris, Kristin Chenowith (twice!!!), the all Madonna episode, and a rather odd acoustic version of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face.” All of which was designed to wish Michelle McKee a very Happy Belated Birthday! Some people would go so far as to call it the best show of all time. I’m not prepared to dethrone Lost just yet (and frankly it is unlikely that I will).

However, I must say that in a wild and crazy year of my life Glee has been the television equivalent of an SSRI. Not all of the episodes have been spectacular (I’m looking in your direction “Hell-o”), but they have been able to make me feel good about the world again. I personally think that Glee is the first show born completely out of the Obama America. So much of it is about facing your challenges, uniting with others who can identify with your struggle, and sharing your experience to help others find hope. Whether it is Kurt’s staunchly hetero dad educating Finn about how deep hate can run or the touching, well acted, and believable burgeoning friendship between the fat black chick and the preggo former abstinence pledger, the show leaves you with the sense that you change is coming and it is going to be good. I only wish I could feel the same level of joy about some of Obama’s actions.

So as I settle into the final episode of the year tonight at 9pm Eastern, it won’t matter to me whether the misfits of “New Directions” can overtake the powerhouse that is “Vocal Adrenaline.” I will be rooting for them, of course, but they have won already. They managed to pull themselves together, work together, and “tear this mother out.” I have no choice but to say that I will remain theirs, faithfully.


4 thoughts on “Rock Out with Your Glee Out”

  1. I feel this has been a fantastic first season. True, the first half of the season was better for me, but the latter half has had some high points. I think I may miss the finale tonight, but will catch it tomorrow. My prediction, they will not announce the winner of the competition until next season.

  2. Journey! Olivia Newton John! Perfect non wrinkly newborn! “Somewhere Over the Godamn Fucking Rainbow”! Bump-its!

    I’m ready for a Sue Sylvester/Cheerios spin-off. And you called the whole “they’ve won already” thing.

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