UPDATE: News from the Front Lines

(c) Michelle McKee

My compatriots! We are losing the battle of the Bieber!  News just in today indicates that this leader of the moptop aliens has been successful in his attempt to hypnotize the world with his ridiculous haircut and voice.  Reliable sources have told us that this “boy” has been nominated for a BET Award.  This shows that he has the capacity to convince people that he is both entertaining and black.  When will we awake from this nightmare!!!!


4 thoughts on “UPDATE: News from the Front Lines”

  1. That was all the talk up here on the radio. It was determined his association with Ludacris and Usher have given him black street cred, which is really very sad.

  2. I think this is great- and shows that we can start to move beyond race. Why should he not be nominated??? because he’s white? well that’s not very understanding is it? I am glad that the BET community is embracing Bieber- moving away from labels and just onto appreciation

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