Witness the Karaoke Checkmate.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re so close.  Next week is the season finale of American Idol.  Yay!  I’m so sick of this season … I just want BowerWyze to win this thing already!  But before we crown the winner, we must first subject ourselves to a little bit more competitive karaoke.  We’re down to just three this week: My husband, Sourbox and Casey (yuck) and this time around, they’re singing two songs each.  It’ll be one song that they pick and one song that the judges pick … so let’s do this thang so I can go to bed.

First up was Casey James singing OK, It’s Alright With Me by Eric Hutchinson.  I actually saw Eric play in Doylestown, PA a few years ago before he was famous, and I’m a big fan of his.  He’s a fun, original talent, and is a great live performer. On the other hand, Casey constantly seems like he’s ripping off other artists that are more talented than he is.  Last week he sounded a little like Eddie Vedder and this week he sounded a bit like a less-talented Gavin DeGraw (at least he didn’t sing I Don’t Wanna Be for the billionth time on Idol).  Casey didn’t work very hard to impress us, and that’s not alright with me.  C

Next up was Sourbox singing Come To My Window by Melissa Etheridge.  Crystal looked at home with her weird lamp/microphone stand, busted up guitar, harmonica and her standard dirty hippie clothes.  She came across as comfortable, controlled, and seemed to enjoy herself on stage.  I agree with the judges: the arrangement was a bit weird, but Melissa Etheridge was a perfect pick for Sourbox.  It was a pretty good performance.  B

Up next was my sparkly eyed husband singing Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd.  Lee sounded fantastic with the classic country-rock tune, an utterly perfect fit for his voice.  Like last week, he exuded a sort of confidence that we hadn’t really seen before … and it works well for him.  Simon: “I don’t think you won round one, I think you just crushed the other two after that performance.”  A

Back to perform the judge’s first pick was Casey singing Daughters by John Mayer, as chosen by Randy and Kara.  For me, this pick was a bit cheesy; an obvious stab at his core audience of girls.  Casey didn’t sound too bad singing it, but I was disappointed that he didn’t really try change up the song all that much.  The judges all seemed happy (to varying degrees), but I just wasn’t all that impressed.  Can you tell who I think won’t make it to the finale? C+

Next up, Ellen picked Maybe I’m Amazed by Paul McCartney for Crystal.  As you learned a few weeks ago, all a performance really needs to have is a tiny hint of Beatles and I’ll instantly love it.  This performance was no exception!  A great arrangement, a great song, and a great, emotional performance.  I love Sourbox!  Fantastic job!  A

Is anyone else sick of Ryan referring to DeWyze as a paint salesman?  Is anyone else sick of contestants performing Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah?  (See: Tim Urban, Jason Castro)  But let’s try to ignore the fact that Simon Cowell’s pick for Lee has been overdone on Idol.  Let’s focus on the fact that Lee was simply amazing.  I hate to say it, but American Idol is REALLY setting him up to win this competition.  Eight backup gospel singers?  A big timpani drum ending?  All of the judges squirting jizz in his face?  None of the other contestants had it so good.  Sourbox deserves it more, but Lee just won American IdolA+

So I heard there was a sacred chord that DeWyze sang and it pleased the world, but you don’t really care for Idol, do ya?  What did you think of the night’s performances?  Did American Idol just hand the whole thing to Lee?  Or does Sourbox still have a boot kick’n chance?  Maybe you can Amaze me with your comments?!

But Before I Go, A Special Warning: Justin Bieber performs on tonight’s result show.  The invasion continues!!


8 thoughts on “Witness the Karaoke Checkmate.”

  1. Well, once again I have nothing to add. Except for WTF is up with her hair? White girl needs to condition and comb that shit out.

  2. 1 100% agree with my co-blogger! Idol made Dewyze the winner last night. They gave him an amazing song that they knew he could rock and amazing production. I do wonder sometimes how much is there artistic choice and how much is made for them….but…anyway…enjoy the link to Lee’s performance which gave me chills and made me cry. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8r4MFmMxwo

    I also implore you to avoid the plague of Bieber. We must resist the inVasion

  3. Crystal SHOULD win. She is unique, I feel. Lee is good, but after Daughtry (though he didn’t win), David Cook and Kris Allen…do we really need another singer like him?! There has yet to be a winner as unique as Crystal, and I’m starting to get tired of white guys winning!

  4. @josh I agree. Crystal SHOULD win, but I think that Lee has it in the bag. And I think I’m okay with that — Crystal has a big career ahead of her, and Lee is my husband.

  5. I totally agree about all the white dudes and ladies winning on idol. We need some talented big black lesbians to take over that stage

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