My Giant Hands

After three weeks of meditation, I realized that my hands are positively enormous. To be exact, I discovered this thirty minutes into last nights session. We were learning about concentration and mindfulness meditation, wherein you try to focus on a sensation in your body, often to alleviate stress or pain. I will admit that I have often been skeptical of the weirdos who claim to have gotten rid of headaches by meditating. Why would you do such a thing? There are so many pills in so many dosages that are just ripe for the taking. However, Devirose was certain we could do it.

She rang the bell that starts our session and we all closed our eyes. I was first intrigued with how easily things can get really quiet when you are just working on breathing in and out. I’m sure you have all noticed this effect: close your eyes and you hear better; cover your ears and you are more visually attentive. Well maybe not Adam, but you get the picture. The next step was to focus on a physical sensation in our own bodies, but not to think about the cause of it or what it was for, simply to feel it. Despite generally having an achy body, my dumbass flesh was feeling rather fine so I struggled to feel anything other than my chest rising and falling. But then, probably out of shear boredom, I felt my wrists against my thighs and the pressure they were causing. It never felt so great to know I had hands! I felt and I felt and I felt them.

So what is the result of all this feeling? Well your hands swell up to the size to the size of your head. You then start to freak out about the size of your head and have to start your meditation over again. What else are you supposed to think when you are imaging your hands to be blowing up like balloons? In retrospect, I would like my hands to be this large. I would be an amazing basketball player by default and I could squish your head in my hands if you pissed me off.

I did eventually get back on the right track with my practice and to my surprise I did find that I could use my brain for good. During my second sensations seeking session, I felt an itch and I focused in on it. The itch went away, so I moved on. The itch came back; I focused on it. The itch and I played this game two more times until my mind won. The brain is cool.


3 thoughts on “My Giant Hands”

  1. This mediation thing sounds vaguely like drug induced hallucinations. Are you SURE there’s no chemicals involved?

    That picture is creepy.

  2. When I read the first sentence I miss-read “meditation” as “medication”. I wondered what kind of medication made your hands swell up, then I read about your meditation. 😉

    The mind can be a powerful tool. I should probably use mine more often. 😉

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