Whip Out Your Brass & Pound On Your Organ!

For the first time in nine years, American Idol producers had intended for each of the final five contestants to sing the same song.  Imagine each of the contestants performing their own version of the same song!  It would have turned out as either an amazingly entertaining test … or an awful, boring disaster.  I know what you’re thinking.  What song were they going to choose?  Well, Happy Birthday, of course, in honor of Tam!

Sadly not even the American Idol producers could afford the rights to use the song, so they quickly moved on to Plan B: Frank Sinatra night!  And in a first for Idol, this week’s mentor, Harry Connick Jr.,  also scored all of the songs and played on-stage piano backup.  So let’s all dress in a black tuxedo suit, pop on a silly hat, roll out the big band, and get this thing started!

Up first was Mikey’s favorite gently rocking boyfriend, Aaron, singing Fly Me To The Moon.  The little boy struggled to fill the giant shoes that such a song requires, but sounded … okay.  Far from his best performance, but overall it wasn’t completely terrible. C

Up next and drowning in a fog of disaster was Casey James, singing Blue Skies.  From the very first notes, Casey struggled, and from there it just got worse.  This was a really, really bad showing for Mr. James, and he’ll be lucky if he survives the week. F

Unfazed by terrible lead-in, Crystal Bowersox swept through Summer Wind with a delightful style and grace.  She may have been out of her element, but she was marvelous.  A simply stellar performance!  The judges all gave Crystal a big fat MEH, but what the hell do they know?  What are they drinking in those dumb Coke cups!?  A+

Of all the performers left in the competition, Big Fat Mike is the most in his element with the big band tunes, and he knows it.  Singing The Way You Look Tonight, Big Mike sounded okay, but for me, his smugness was a bit off-putting.  He’s alright, but I just don’t think he’s anywhere near as talented as he thinks he is. B-

Wrapping up what seemed like a very quick night was my husband, Lee DeWyze singing That’s Life.  With Harry on the organ at his side, Lee sounded great.  It’s taken such a long time for my boy to show this much personality and confidence on stage, and I love it!  He had fun on stage and he sounded great.  With every breath he sings, I fall a little bit more in love with mah man. A

That’s it!  It was quick, fun, big band night, and I had a blast!   But before I bid you adieu, I’d like to grade a few more categories.  For making too many Harry Connick Jr. jokes (featuring “the piano was a little pitchy,” “bad idea to have the piano on stage” and “Harry’s organ”) I’m giving Ellen a C-.  I love you but you need to try harder.  Harry Connick, your face and body are a 6, but your eyes are a 10.  I’m giving those sexy blue eyes an A+.  And finally, Sandra Bullock, I’m giving you an INCOMPLETE for not showing up to support your Hope Floats costar.  You can make the test tomorrow night at the results show. Side note: If Sandra Bullock appears on American Idol, will the Cocky & Rude universe implode from having way too many blog topics in such a small place?

So who is going home this week?  I think it’s pretty clear that we’ll be bidding Casey James a fond farewell.  Or do you think that there will be an upset?  Who was your favorite karaoke singer this week?  And do you think Sandra Bullock will make a surprise appearance at the results show?  Sing for your life in the comments!  And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TAM!


8 thoughts on “Whip Out Your Brass & Pound On Your Organ!”

  1. I like the new grading system. Lee and Crystal were good, but I thought Big Fat Mike was the best. I’m going purely on vocals and not attitude/performance. Casey was horrible. I thought Aaron was bad, too. I think he hit maybe one note. When Simon said something about Aaron not having Sinatra’s swagger (or something like that) it reminded me of the SNL skit where Phil Hartman (as Sinatra) tells Billy Idol “I’ve got chunks of guys like you in my stool!” – which begs for a Sinatra stool chart featuring bits o’ Aaron.

    And Happy Birthday Tam : ).

  2. You threw that in there about me just to see if I’d read this post didn’t you (cause I’m not an Idol watcher)? Thanks for the birthday wishes. I get a feeling this Crystal chick might make it to the final the positive things I hear you say about her, along with poor Fat Mike.

  3. I thought the judges are changing their tune on Crystal to make some drama…they are setting up the big showdown between her and Lee. I found Crystal’s performance to be amazing and I officially fell in love with Mr. Hartwyk (nee DeWyze) last night! He was humble, confident, handsome and pitch-perfect….

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