The Thrust

I have grown accustomed to seeing random people showing each other affection in public and since I live in New York city there is a lot of affection on display.  However, I think we have crossed a line.  The city might have done a number on the sex shops and hookers in Time Square, but they have been slow to respond to the outrageous number of random heterosexual teenagers sucking face on the subway platforms and trains.  It is quite astonishing what some of these kids will do in public today.  Seriously…I witness some of the most bizarre depravity just last week.

I was happily on my train ride home from work, listening to my music.  I don’t recall what I was listening to precisely, but I’m sure my work addled brain had chosen something relaxing.  As I glanced up from my book, I noticed two flaxen haired teens, a boy and a girl, sitting close to each other on the train.  They seemed cute together and I think I even made an oozy “awww” in my head.  I was obviously not prepared for what happened next.  They started to kiss.  Just small pecks mind you, so I didn’t realize I was about to be blinded by them.  After they were done being all cute and pecky, the girl decided to amp things up.  She started to French kiss that boy with a ferocity a velociraptor reserves for its prey.  When she was done giving him a tooth cleaning she sat back with a satisfied grin on her face.  I think she was just coming up for air.  Her next feat was to put her tongue between her teeth and stab it at her partners mouth in an attempt to pry it open.  She did this several times and eventually worked up enough spittle to get one of those glistening bridges.

I honestly don’t know what she was thinking.  I have never tried that technique before, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t give either partner that much pleasure, at least not when practiced on the mouth.  Maybe she was advertising herself as open to a lesbian relationship.  Maybe just making out wasn’t enough for her, maybe she needed to show everyone on that train that she had her man and that she could thrust her tongue at him if she so chose.

I was quite grateful that my stop came not long after that siting.  It took me at least 20 minutes to get the image out of my head.  I kept looking at other teens in passing and wincing if their heads started to move toward each other.  I’m glad that we have evolved as a culture to the point that we can allow people to show their love to each other.  I just wish it had no impact on my commute.


3 thoughts on “The Thrust”

  1. Oh, I agree, how icky! now had it been a cute 18 year old and his equally cute college aged boyfriend macking on each other…well, hell, I’d had just enjoyed the entertainment. Maybe even ate some popcorn and jujubees. 🙂


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