What I will be watching on Tuesdays

It is finally April!  The sun has come out of hiding and the birds and bees are doing what they do to make all kinds of new baby animals.  I never quite got this metaphor, but I never really got the birds and bees talk, so I guess it’s a wash. Now back to my point.  It is April and soon Glee will be back on the air.  Finally!  I know the hype has gotten a bit much, but I am really looking forward to it being back on despite the network geniuses putting opposite of the only other show I absolutely must watch: LOST.

But before I go off on a LOST-related tangent, let’s wrap up our Top Ten reasons to watch Glee.

#3 Sue Sylvester
I love to hate Sue.  She is crazy and thoroughly entertaining on every episode.  She also gets the best lines.  I think that her zings are usually the most quotable.  I’m a bit wary about hearing Sue sing, but I’m sure Jane Lynch will make it an amazing performance.


#2 Mercedes Jones
One of the breakout stars of Glee is the character played by Amber Riley. Mercedes often gets some kickass solos, but not that much plot. I’m looking to the producers to change that. Her amazing vocals are one of the reasons I fell in love with Glee’s music (and played it ad nauseum in the office driving some coworkers crazy). So let’s hear it for the girl with the chops to take on Dreamgirls’ And I’m Telling You.  And who can forget forget Bust Your Windows?!



And the number one reason to tune in to Glee when it returns on April 13…

#1 Rachel Berry
It might be her imperturbable drive to be a star, her hilariously anal personality, or her two gay dads that make me love her, but I don’t really care the reason. She is by far my favorite character on Glee. As played by Lea Michele, Rachel is the reason that New Directions exists in the first place. And besides, she has been working on a few of her solos for over ten years. How can you not love that kind of preparation? Check out her stunning solo from the fall finale:


I hope you have enjoyed my seemingly endless Glee countdown… and I hope that you will tune in on April 13 and watch its return.



6 thoughts on “What I will be watching on Tuesdays”

    1. I’m sorry that Hulu discriminates against Canadians 😦

      That Sue Sylvester clip is actually the one that we posted for her! I’m glad it’s on YouTube too for our friends in that better country to the north!!

  1. Thank goodness we have a DVR so I don’t have to choose.

    I heard the cast of Glee performed at the White House Easter Egg Roll. As did the Bieber. That’s a lot of awesome and suck in one place.

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