Zombieland (AKA Home)

I have once again traveled home to New Jersey to visit family.  At least this time there is a holiday attached to my trip.  As Adam reminded us yesterday, Jesus is about to rise in zombie form to save the world from all our sins.  I’m grateful for the sugar associated with this particular holiday as well as the chance to see my nieces.  Of course, there are a few troubling things that have already happened on my visit.  It is not shocking at all that these kinds of things happen when I visit New Jersey.  They are prime examples of why I left.

A certain member of my family, in the true spirit of Jesus, said some racist things less than four hours into my visit home.  This is, of course, the same town previously mentioned on our blog so racism is not exactly hard to find there.  I was mortified to hear someone in my family say that “oriental women are all kinda quiet anyway.”  Sheesh…what the hell is that?

Two hours later the same person said that black people are “sly-er than they let on.”  To round things out and to make sure all major non-white groups were maligned during my trip, derogatory statements were made about the influx of Latinos to our old area of Long Island.

I’m seriously worried about where I come from and where I am going.  I fear that I am infected with this profound racism that pervades my family.  I hope not.  I guess I should pray to that zombie dude for help.  Let’s see how that works out.


4 thoughts on “Zombieland (AKA Home)”

  1. Racism is taught but it can also be unlearned. Experience allows us to change our beliefs all the time, so I’m quite sure that the fact that you noticed these comments and find them distasteful pretty much states your position.

    Barring this, enjoy your time with your family and the accompanying sugar-coma.

  2. I hope the sugar makes it all worth it! Some of my extended family make similar comments. If they make them to me, I ask them to explain what they mean and simply state that I don’t understand what they mean. They have learned that they shouldn’t make comments like this to me because I will hold them to an explanation and they can’t back it up.

  3. I think the fact that you’re worried shows that you don’t need to be worried.

    Enjoy your peeps/bunny/jellybeans/Cadbury eggs/candy of choice : ).

    1. Sorry i didn’t respond to comments yesterday…i went into a diabetic coma attempting to handle the stress of being with family.

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