Turn The Paige & Say Goodbye

For me at least, it’s pretty obvious that Paige is headed home this week.  Her version of Mariah Carey’s version of Phil Collins’ Against All Odds made my ears want to commit suicide. Even the usually nice Kara DioGuardi said it was “the worst vocal I’ve heard from you and possibly the worst I’ve heard all season.”  Ouch.

Tonight’s theme was to cover past number 1 hits of the Billboard chart.  This should have been an EASY week!  It’s not like it’s showtune week or something … these are POP hits.  Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Urban)? When A Man Loves A Woman (Big Mike)?!  I Heard It Through the [WTF?!] Grapevine (Garcia)??!!!  What were they THINKING??  This week’s performances were almost all surprising awful.  The only standout this week was Crystal Bowersox singing what she was born to sing: Janis Joplin’s Me and Bobby McGee.

It’s around this part of the competition every year that I start to wonder why we have to wait so long for the finals.  It seems pretty clear that Bowersox is a shoe-in for the win — it’s really just her competition to lose.  I can only hope that Lee DeWyze sticks around for a while so I can stare lovingly into his eyes every week!  …but really, Lee?  The Box Tops’ The Letter?  You can do so much better!


4 thoughts on “Turn The Paige & Say Goodbye”

  1. Bye Paige. I do not get the whole Siobhan thing. It’s all screaming to me. Didi – yuck. And the kid with Justin Bieber’s hair – lame. I still like Casey, but agreed with Simon’s critique of his performance. I’m not a Joplin fan, but Crystal did a fantastic job.

  2. Paige has sucked forever….she was terrible with a capital “blah” last week….

    I can not believe I missed Crystal singing Joplin…loves it…

  3. Paige sounded like anus. Hatez her! Even J. Jonas y D. Lovato performed better.

    AND DUH CRYSTAL WAS THE BEST. Now only if someone would lock the SiobhaManian Devil away!

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