Funtime Photo Explosion

Josh over at Josh Is Trashy squirted his “Funtime Photo Explosion” all over me and I’m always up for a challenge.  The rules are simple: 1. Go to your first photo file and pick the 10th photo in it, 2. Tell the story behind the photo, and 3. Tag 5 other people to do likewise.

Since I have no idea what a “photo file” is, I linked Mikey to my Flickr account, and just had him pick one.  Sadly, he picked this one:

This is me in a gay S&M dungeon, right before a big burly leather daddy had his way with me. This is Adam, circa 2005 in a cheesy basement recreation of the Salem Witch Trials, in (go figure) Salem, Massachusetts.  You see, in the summer of ’05, I took a trip to Mystic, CT and Salem, Mass with my two bestest friends in the whole wide world.  We road tripped, drank a bit too much, shopped at the same stores we could have shopped at if we had never left NJ, and had the kind of blast that only a few 20-somethings could have while touring historic reenactment hot-spots.

On this particular day, we bought an overpriced ticket package that included a tour of Salem, and entry into a few mannequin reenactments of the Witch Trials.  This tour in particular began with an over-rehearsed perky high school girl talking about murder and ended with a stockade photo opportunity that I could never turn down.  Sadly I had awful hair, an ill-conceived goatee, and about 30 extra pounds … but hey, that’s life.  Overall Salem, Massachusetts is pretty cheesy, especially since it’s a few miles away from the original scene of the Witch Trials … where none of the original buildings are still standing.

So that’s my story … now who can I pass the challenge along to?  Do I even follow five bloggers that Josh didn’t already tag in his post?  I’ll pick…

1. Enrico at Hotel Tuesday
2. Mushy at Goblinbox [oh wait, she already did it]
3. Ryan at Coalition of the Thrilling
4. Tam at Tam’s Reads
5. and Michelle M. who needs to start a blog, and then post often.

There ya go!  The challenge is on!  What photo will you post?


6 thoughts on “Funtime Photo Explosion”

  1. But Adam, I have to put the NC-17 warning up if I do it. *whine* *whine* (And no, I’m not in the pictures. Shut up.) Sigh. I could put a censor bar on I guess.

    But look at all those curls you had. I’m jealous. Sounds like a fun trip.

  2. Look how cute you are!
    Well until I get one of those blogs, here’s my pic. It was in Colorado a couple years ago. We were shoveling the sidewalk in front of the house and I fell over. Instead of helping me up Harry kept taking pictures.

  3. I’m backing you all the way on the Michelle M. getting a blog bandwagon! Just like that big leather daddy…backed you all the way when he got to the dungeon.

    Although my backing of you probably used more lube. 🙂


  4. Um…you look ten timez better now. And I find it hilarz that all those women were murdered cuz peepz thought they were witches. Or as the creators of “South Park” would say, “transvestite donkey witch[es]” ala Sarah Jessica Parker.

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