Tales from New Jersey

I was born, raised and have always lived in New Jersey.  Your Jersey jokes?  I’ve heard them all.  And while I will contest that my whole state smells, I will not contest that quite a few of its inhabitants are … a little different.  Case in point:

This 43 year old woman (pictured here with her daughter) currently weighs about 700 pounds, but for her, that’s just not enough.  Donna Simpson won’t settle being the Fattest Mother Ever, she wants to be the Fattest Woman on the Planet.  She’s set her goal for 1000 pounds in 2 years, and to make it there she’ll consume 12,000 calories a day and try to move as little as possible.  Is a Guinness World Record more important than her health and providing her daughter with a good example?  For her it is.  Read the whole story at The Daily Mail Online.

Over the weekend at a Wal-Mart in Turnsville, NJ, this announcement was made over the public address system: “Attention Wal-Mart customers: All black people leave the store now.”  It’s unknown whether an employee or customer made the announcement because store telephones throughout the story could access the system.  Shoppere were horrified and some even called 911.  Police and the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office are investing the racist announcement.  Read the whole story at NBC Philadelphia.com.

Of course every community has a few token weirdos and freaks … but sometimes I wonder if NJ has just a few more?  What do you think?


6 thoughts on “Tales from New Jersey”

  1. I read about that woman just last night. Frightening that people are willing to risk that much just to be “famous”. She’s going to spend over $800 a week on groceries. How is she earning this money? She’s not working I assume. I find it hard to believe that social services is giving her in excess of $3500 a month for food alone. If that’s the case sign me up.

    Weird about Walmart. There are freaks everywhere, just sometimes the news seems to pick up on the stories more when nothing else is going on.

    1. The story I heard on the news said that she has a website where people pay to see her eat on a live webcam … but I couldn’t find the site anywhere.

  2. I once worked at a legal services organization in New Jersey that attempted to get lawyers to volunteer their time for cases that were too complicated to proceed by themselves. Part of the job was to call these New Jersey-ians periodically and get any updates on the case, while we looked for attorneys to take the case.

    I called one woman whose son was mentally handicapped to some degree, but not receiving the proper services from his school district. She picked up the phone and I said something to the effect of “I’m from VLJ and I’m calling about your son’s case.”

    She immediately shot back “Oh NO! You’re not giving my baby to no Chinese again!”

    Clearly she didn’t understand what I had said, and I quickly assured her that I was not Chinese and did not want to take her baby. She immediately calmed down.

    I can’t help but think though what she meant by “again” and what the heck goes on in this state.

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