Urban Out! Salad Bar In!

Yay!  It’s our first night of the final round of Idol: The Top 12.  We’re back to two nights a week (what will you do with all your free time?!) and that means that our weekly Idol wrap-up is coming to you a day earlier.  Our favorite karaoke contest was chock full of commercials, fillers, fluff and rambling judgments that no one really cares about now that Paula’s gone.  Tonight’s theme? The songs of The Rolling Stones.  So how’d they do?

Oh wait — I beg your pardon.  I need to speak to someone directly… EXCUSE ME, Tim Urban.  I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but … YOU’RE TERRIBLE. Your version of Under My Thumb nearly made me throw up and then instantly fall asleep.  I know that you were going for a Reggae/Jason Mraz interpretation, but you failed miserably.  It was silly, childish and boring.  If you weren’t so pretty and shirtless, you’d have left long ago … let’s hope that America gets it right this week and send you packing.  (Oh, and on your way home, please get a haircut.)

So who was good? While my favorites Lee DeWyze (Beast of Burden) and Crystal Bowersox (You Can’t Always Get What You Want) were both pretty great, this week’s standout was Siobhan Magnus with Paint It Black.  Her mix of talent and crazy are truly refreshing.  She also screamed like a crazy person at the end of her song, and it was a good scream — not an Glambert scream.  Overall her performance was showy and fun and I’m really starting to love her!


Finally, I’d like to give a quick shout out to Lacey Brown.  Her performance wasn’t very good and she probably won’t be with us for too much longer, but she sang about my favorite salad bar!  Her ode to Ruby Tuesday didn’t mention their awesome mix of zucchini spears, mixed greens, croutons and grape tomatoes… but I read between the lines.

So what did you think?  It Tim headed home?  Did Siobhan outshine DeWyze and Bowersox?  Did Lacey’s song make you crave salad bar?  Tell me I’m awesome (and always right) in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Urban Out! Salad Bar In!”

  1. I still like Casey. I love the Sunday’s version of “Wild Horses”. I’m not a Lacey Brown fan, but I think she would have done well with that one instead of whatsername. Bowersox is my favorite at the moment. Her dad’s video thingie was touching. I didn’t care for the reggae “Under My Thumb”. And I thought Lee Dewyze was a snooze. He sounds too much like a lot of singers out there already. It would be nice to hear a new voice. I hate the song “Angie”, so I fast forwarded through that. Siobhan is nuts. I’m nuts. I should be in bed.

    (and with all my free time I will be watching other shows, of course).

  2. Dont watch at all, BUT that Urban dude, if he gets kicked off he can come by my place for consoling. And he can keep the hair just the way it is. Me likey. 🙂


  3. Tim Urban is a douchenozzle and no matter what she does, I don’t think that I will ever NOT get sickerskatez when I see Siobhan Mania. I HATE HER AND HER AWKWARD WAY OF EXISTING.

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