Movie reviews are boring … zzzz

Movie reviews are boring,
so I review all the movies I’ve seen lately in 20 words.

School of LifeRyan Reynolds plays a cool teacher with a secret.  The secret?  This movie is a bore.  Please take shirt off.

Rites of Passage – This was just awful.  Not worth 20 words.  Please don’t watch it.  Your rite of passage?  Sitting through this crap.

ParenthoodIf the new NBC drama is half as good, I’ll be hooked for life.  Loved this flick, you will too!

Mala NocheGay guy with a straight Mexican Immigrant fetish begs ’em for sex.  Gus Van Sant’s first film wasn’t too bad.

Ira & Abby – Started cute, ended annoying.  Lots of famous faces.  Not even cuties Chris Messina and Jon Hamm could save this mess.


3 thoughts on “Movie reviews are boring … zzzz”

  1. The only one of these I’ve seen is Parenthood (which I loved). Ron Howard (2 Oscars), Dianne Wiest (2 Oscars), Jason Robards (2 Oscars),Tom Hulce (nominated) and Joaquin Phoenix (nominated twice) might support the Keanu Konnection…

  2. I read Mala Noche years ago, wasn’t aware they made it into a movie. Should probably see that sometime. And all I know about Ryan Reynolds films is there’s one, “Buy the Cow” or something similar wherein he’s buck ass naked. Even does a mangina shot.

    Yeah, THAT one I’d rent again just for that one scene! 🙂


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