The Bad, The Good & The Crazy

It’s been a dramatic week of American Idol!  Crystal Bowersox was rushed to the hospital for secret reasons and the girls and boys traded nights to accommodate.

Tuesday night our ears were subjected to lots of awfulness, but none more awful than Jermaine Sellers!  He sang like shit, his silly mohawk looked fug, he asked the judges for song suggestions for next week (HA!), and then babbled about how Jesus is his “homeboy.”  Jermaine, YOU ARE AWFUL.  GET OFF THE STAGE NOW AND NEVER EVER EVER EVER COME BACK!!!

Two performances that stood out in a sea of bad were Lee DeWyze’s performance of Hinder’s “Lips of an Angel” and Big Mike’s “It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World” by James Brown.  They both did a good job this week and I’m really falling hard for DeWyze.

We took another swim in the sea of mediocrity on Wednesday, which saw Bowersox return from her mystery illness.  With all the publicity surrounding the news of her hospital visit, there’s no WAY that she’s going home this week.  She probably could have burped the alphabet, but instead she sang Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Long As I can See The Light” and it was pretty good.  My other favorite of the night was Siobhan Magnus’s rendition of Aretha Franklin’s “Think” which was decent.  What I really like about Siobhan is that she’s a giant bucket of crazy, and I just can’t get enough of her bonkers banter.

So what did you think?  Is Jesus your “homeboy” or is Jermaine Sellers homeward bound?  Did Lee DeWyze have you at hello (or was it that mid-song pants-hike)?  Is Siobhan Magnus just crazy, or also a crazy-good singer?  Sound off in the comments!

[Image credits: Michael Becker/Fox by way of]


3 thoughts on “The Bad, The Good & The Crazy”

  1. I liked Big Mike the best on Tuesday. But I don’t think he’ll win. I still like Casey James. I don’t get why the judges love Lambert. He’s not my cup of tea.

    Girls – I enjoyed Bowersox and Paige Miles. Siobhan – I vote crazy.

    No one has really wowed me yet. And I’m fast forwarding through some of the performances this season.

    Jermaine is irritating.

  2. I LOVE BOSWER’S SOCKS! But even though she is a decent singer, I can’t stand Siobhan AXXXTION (my name for her). Annoying! And she talks like she has some sort of disorder or like she was one of those choir geeks that tried too hard to fit in by burping out everything she knows about scales and key changes and vocal runs. STOP TALKING, you bunghole.

  3. I love Lee (I started liking him in Hollywood week when I couldn’t decide whether he’s cute or ugly).

    But I thought the best performance from the men this week was Alex Lambert singing that John Legend song. So good!

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