April 13, 2010

April 13, 2010 is going to be an amazing day!  Do you want to know why????  Well that is the day that Glee returns to your television sets!

Until that happens, I will attempt to fill the void with recollections of Glee moments, characters, actors, and numbers that make this show one of my favorites.  Lets just call it a top ten things from GLEE that keep you wanting more.

#10 Push-It


In its second episode ever (after the Pilot was aired in May 2009 following American Idol), New Directions decided to take a a new direction to get their Heartland of America fellow teens to join the club.  How do you go about doing this?  Well..you do an overtly sexualized (as if that was necessary) rendition of Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It.”  Now…I can remember my older cousins thinking this song was the best thing since sliced bread in the 80s…but the song really stands up to the test of time.  And when its covered by a bunch of High Schoolers in a campy attempt at giving themselves cred, it becomes both moving and hilarious.

Glee does a great job of combining the absurd with the sublime.  And that’s just one of the reasons to love it.

Stay tuned for #9!


4 thoughts on “April 13, 2010”

  1. One of my favorite bits from Glee. I got totally caught up on over the span on three night last month and now I can’t wait! thanks for posting this fun reminder!


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