Who Cares If They Can Sing?!

I’ve always been told that you shouldn’t judge people on their looks.  But before these Idol moppets take the stage in actual competition … what else can we do?  Ignoring all their talents (or lack there of), Mike and I decided to judge American Idol‘s Top 24 on just their looks.  First up are the male contestants…

Topping our list at #1 is Tim Urban.  He’s a 20-year-old from Duncanville, TX.  But who cares about that?  Check out that smile and that cute haircut!  This late entry into the top 24 (he replaced Chris Golightly, who would not have been at #1) has a little bit of that Zac Efron thing going on that makes our hearts go pitter patter.

Next on our list at #2 is Casey James. His southern boy looks, long hair and peeking chest hair have gotten him high on our list, but the ultimate ingredients for landing #2?  Taking your shirt off during your audition.

At #3 is John Park.  He has a nice slim look, perfect hair, a winning smile and a cute outfit.  Plus there’s a sort of sexiness to him that we just can’t explain.

Landing his way at #4 is Todrick Hall.  He’s a good looking guy that exudes an alluring power and confidence.

At #5 and #6 are Joe Munoz and Michael “Big Mike” Lynche.  Joe is cute, but he just seems forgettable.  Big Mike (if he doesn’t get bounced from the competition) has that cute teddy bear thing going on … you just want him to give u a big hug.

At #7 and #8 are Lee Dwyze and Alex Lambert.  These two guys could be so much higher on the list, but they really need to work on their style.  New clothing for both … and Alex desperately needs to Cut The Mullet!

At #9 is Jermaine Sellers.  This may sound hypocritical, but we just can’t stand his cockiness.  I really just wanna smack that look off his face.

#10 is Andrew Garcia.  From his performances, he seems like he has a lot of talent … oops, almost forgot that this is a contest of looks.  Sorry Andrew.

At #11 is Tyler Grady.  He’s tall, lanky and kinda weird looking.  Plus he looks like a deer in the headlights in most of his photos.  At least he could straighten his necklace…

Finally at #12 is little Aaron Kelley.  I’m sure he’ll grow up to be a good looking guy in about 15 years … but right now he looks 10.  It’d be creepy of us to put him anywhere but in last place.

Stay tuned for our lineup of the hottest Idol chicks on Monday … after … the … break.

So what do you think?  Got the hots for Tim Urban?  Did we get it completely wrong?  Sound off in the comments!

[Image credits: Michael Becker/Fox by way of EW.com]


10 thoughts on “Who Cares If They Can Sing?!”

  1. Does anyone else think that our #11 might be going for the Serial Killer chic look? that intense stare…the shaggy hair…its creeptacular

  2. None of them do anything for me. I’m waiting for American Idol season 10 starring joshrico (the fairest of them all) .

  3. American What Now? Number one is cute enough and #3 and #8 (mullet and all) are pretty cute too.

    If Polt ever gets here, I predict he will go for #4 and #3.

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